University hosts Surrey’s green business awards think tank group

CREST Business Awards, hosted by the University of Surrey’s Institute for Sustainability, is introducing business leaders to the CREST Consortium a green business think tank initiative

Together with the University of Surrey’s Institute for Sustainability (IfS)– they are hosting business leaders for an invitation-only CREST Consortium introductory meeting on Thursday 23 February.

CREST 23 consortium

The IfS is working with the Consortium to build a think tank group that will bring together businesses serious about combating the climate change crisis with academics and experts in environmental sustainability.

The launch of CREST Consortium comes alongside a rebranding of the awards in time for CREST23 which will be taking place in October. The reinvigorated portfolio includes new award categories as well as new and exciting opportunities for business leaders.

The CREST Business Awards programme, now in its third year, works in association with the University of Surrey. In addition to the prizes offered to winners by its Centre for Environment and Sustainability, the IfS will be hosting at least two of this year’s CREST Consortium events to enable members to meet and speak directly with experts in environmental sustainability and to share best practice with peers within the Consortium community. For information on how to sign up to the CREST Consortium, become a sponsor, or find out more about CREST23 Business Awards, please visit or email us at