CREST helping businesses to deliver on net zero

You recycle waste and cut down on plastics – but it’s not enough!

As a business leader your enterprise has to have a net-zero strategy and time is running out!

  • Do you understand the risks of failing to achieve net zero?   
  • why you have to meet environmental commitments?
  • and HOW?!

As the only green business awards in Surrey focused uniquely on environmental sustainability, we aim to help businesses to decarbonise.

Bag of plastics for recycling
Surrey University Centre for sustainability

Together with the University of Surrey’s Institute for Sustainability (IfS) CREST Business Awards launched the CREST Consortium in January 2023, defining ways of achieving net-zero through its network of like-minded businesses alongside academics and experts in environmental sustainability. CREST Consortium is open to all businesses that are serious about meeting their commitments helping to decarbonise the environment and working to a sustainable future

The launch comes alongside a rebranding in time for CREST23 Business Awards, which includes the introduction of new categories, including Restoring Nature, sponsored by the world’s leading independent conservation organisation, the WWF, which will be hosting CREST23 at its Living Planet Centre in Woking in October.

CREST23 Community Impact Award

Do you know someone making a difference?

CREST23 Sustainability Impact Award

Is your business making a difference every day?

This year also sees the introduction of Circular Efficiency and Community Impact as well as two separate levels in Sustainability Impact – one for businesses with over £1m turnover, sponsored by a Founding Sponsor, Holdsway, and another for businesses with a turnover under £1m.

CREST Business Awards, now in its third year, will continue to work with the University of Surrey’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability on the awards, which includes workshops and a sustainability exhibition.

Meanwhile, the IfS will be hosting at least two of this year’s CREST Consortium events where members can meet and speak directly with experts in environmental sustainability and share best practice with peers.

For information on how to sign up to the CREST Consortium or become a sponsor, see our Sponsorship page.
To find out more about CREST23 Business Awards, please see our Awards 2023 page or just Contact us