CREST Consortium sets out to make Surrey the UK’s green hub

The first meeting of the think tank, CREST Consortium, set the bar high with a commitment to make Surrey the green hub for UK’s business sector.

First meeting of CREST consortium
CREST Consortium think tank holds its first meeting as guests of the University of Surrey’s Institute for Sustainability

The launch brought together leading international academics with businesses operating and based in the county. It is the latest initiative of the CREST Business Awards programme, which will be officially opened to entries for the CREST23 Business Awards, from Monday 6 March by HM Lord-Lieutenant, Mr Michael More-Molyneux, and whose Headline Sponsor is once again Surrey County Council.

Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti, Founding Director of the Institute for Sustainability, at the University of Surrey, said: “I see no reason why the CREST Consortium should not play a key part in making Surrey a leader in business sustainability.”
Prof. Fioramonti, a former member of Parliament and Minister of Education in Italy as well as a renown authority on sustainability education and research, whose Institute is a pan university hub for Sustainability Research and Action. At his invitation, the roundtable discussions were held on 23 February, continuing the university’s existing long-standing partnership with the awards programme.
“We are delighted to be supporting CREST launching the Consortium. It will allow multi-sectoral leaders to exchange ideas and best practices and drive sustainability action in the county and beyond. The Think Tank model, using research and advocacy aligns well with our ethos,” said Nathalie Hinds, Head of Partnerships at the Institute for Sustainability. “This is about connecting like-minded leaders and bringing together social and natural scientists, technologists and non-academic stakeholders from the public, private and third sector, to drive change.”

The Consortium evolved to provide year-round support, explained Co-founder of CREST Business Awards, Carol Miller. “While we want to continue to support and motivate businesses and organisations based or operating in Surrey to be more sustainable, it’s become clear that businesses need greater support and advice.
“The Consortium is incredibly fortunate to have the support and input of the University of Surrey. It is for businesses to make the most of this opportunity and add real value to their good intentions in combating climate change.