The aim of the CREST 21 Awards is to promote the positive work by businesses based in the Woking area to protect the environment and promote more sustainable working and lifestyle habits. The awards seek to inspire and motivate innovation across the board in these areas.

Transforming Food Award

Acknowledges innovation in reducing waste and inefficiencies, protecting water, soil and biodiversity and being transparent about where ingredients come from. All businesses have a role to play through the way food is produced, made, packaged, distributed and sold.
This award will be presented to an organisation that is transforming the food system to create a positive impact on people and the environment

Going Circular Award

As pressure on resources grows and concern about the climate at an all time high we need to shift to a low carbon and circular economy where the full lifecycle of materials is maximised. The ‘take make dispose’ model needs to be challenged by innovative businesses adopting a more circular solution by reducing materials, waste, water and carbon emissions.
This award will be presented to an organisation that is making measurable progress towards going circular and reducing the environmental impact of their business.


Smarter Transport Award

Acknowledges companies moving away from fossil fuels and towards low carbon transport solutions It may include for example measures that facilitate working from home, adoption of innovative technologies, moving to lower impact transport modes (public transport, car sharing, cycling etc or improving existing transport modes.
This award will be presented to an organisation that is revolutionising its transport needs to more sustainable options using design, technology or behaviour change.

Woking cycle hub with thanks to Bob Holmes for the photo

Efficiency Champion Award

The pressures on the planet from resource and energy consumption is now greater than ever and innovative ways to increase our resource use efficiency are now urgently needed.
This award will be presented to an organisation making significant resource saving improvements and greater use of renewable resources,

solar panels

Social Innovation Award

Acknowledges companies that are making a real contribution towards living more sustainably through social innovations that support societal and individual well being.
This award will be presented to an organisation that is achieving social impact through their business, the local community or on a national level.


Sustainability Impact Award

Acknowledges companies striving to make sure employees and customers are positively impacted through their products, services, wellbeing policies, supply chains, location, investments etc.
This award will be presented to an organisation that is consistently improving people’s lives through its day to day business practices.

people cheering

Sustainability Hero Award

Acknowledges the impact an individual can make to the sustainability agenda by inspiring and leading others to change.
This award will be presented to a person who has gone ‘above and beyond’ in bringing about sustainable change within their organisation or wider community and who the judges have selected from the entries for the other six categories.