CREST23 Smarter Transport Award

Sponsored by Surrey County Council

CREST23 Smarter Transport Award acknowledges companies moving away from fossil fuels and towards low carbon transport solutions. It may include for example measures that facilitate working from home, adoption of innovative technologies, moving to lower impact transport modes (public transport, car sharing, cycling etc.) or improving existing transport modes.

This award will be presented to an organisation that is revolutionising its transport needs to more sustainable options using design, technology or behaviour change.

This award was introduced in 2021-2022 for CREST22 tackling one of the most contentious areas in the fight to overcome the impact of the climate change crisis.

Previous Winners

The finalists in CREST22 Smarter Transport Award, sponsored by Surrey County Council, were:

  • McLaren Applied
  • Waverley Hoppa

The overall winner was McLaren Applied.

Samir Maha, Business Director, McLaren Applied said:
“Winning this award means a great deal! We’re fully committed to creating a more sustainable future, like everybody involved with the CREST Awards. It’s truly an honour to be recognised by this community for our pioneering work.”

The company, based in Woking, was born out of traditional motorsport and is fully committed to a sustainability mindset across motor racing, automotive, public transport and beyond.
The company says motorsport is a phenomenal testbed for the new innovations to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
It cites one of its CREST Award examples, the McLaren Applied’s next-generation IPG5 inverter. This is due to be used in thousands of electric vehicles and the company is working with the mining industry to apply data analytics from motorsport in a way that reduces fuel consumption.
The company has a longstanding involvement in Formula E, the all-electric racing series, and is seeing significant growth in its electric motorsport activities across the board.

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