World explorer joins CREST Awards golfers at wildlife fundraiser

Nick Hollis describes his 721Challenge

International explorer Nick Hollis – the man who has taken on the world’s most challenging feats of endurance to promote environmental responsibility praised the golfers he joined at the CREST Business Awards Charity Golf Day who raised £4,000 for Surrey Wildlife Trust. The event on Thursday (9th May) at West Surrey Golf Club was organised … Read more

CREST23 Awards come with a tip-off to businesses

CREST23 Awards Winners, sponsors and speakers with CREST Business Awards Co-Directors Carol Miller and Terry Tidbury

Surrey’s only green business awards resounded to a prediction that businesses face a pre-condition to operate based on their social-environmental impacts within the next decade as it celebrated the sustainability achievements of the winning 2023 businesses. The CREST23 Award winners were revealed at the CREST23 Business Convention at the WWF’s Living Planet Centre on Thursday … Read more

Boost your business green credentials

Surrey’s prestigious green business awards, the CREST23 Business Awards is fast approaching but there’s still to time to scoop up amazing summer deals as a supporter and gain some free marketing benefits for your company brand. The climate change crisis is at the forefront for all business and policy leaders as well as your existing … Read more

Energy investment – not hot air

Hot on the heels of roundtable energy talks at No 10, Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps announced that the UK is to host a landmark Energy Security Conference in London next year. Aimed at rewiring global energy resilience, the UK announced that it will host a new global energy security conference in 2024, to shore … Read more

Going green can save money

The Ecowise team this month looks at whether it’s worth having an electric car through your company. There are undeniable negatives. These include, EVs are still more expensive than gas guzzling petrol and diesel cars, the limited range you can travel on a single battery charge, the length of time to charge a car, added … Read more

Net Walk for Change

Rural researcher, Molly Biddell gives an insight into the inaugural Netwalk for Change at her family’s farm Hampton Estate As co-chairs of the Surrey Lieutenancy Climate Change Focus Group, we were delighted to be able to host the inaugural Netwalk for Change at Hampton Estate in June. The aim was to create a disruptive event … Read more

Sustainable business works

There is no real excuse why not to be an ethical business – is the emphatic message from Sally Pritchett, head of award-winning Surrey communications consultancy, Something Big. A Certified B Corporations company, where B stands for “benefits for all”, Sally explains that while Something Big was already essentially a living example of B Corp, … Read more