CREST23 Transforming Food Award

Sponsored by Surrey Wildlife Trust

The CREST23 Transforming Food Award acknowledges innovation in reducing waste and inefficiencies, protecting water, soil and biodiversity and being transparent about where ingredients come from.

This award will be presented to an organisation that is transforming the food system to create a positive impact on people and the environment. 

Previous Winners

The finalists in CREST22 Transforming Food Award, sponsored by the Woking News & Mail were:

  • Chimney Fire Coffee
  • Crumbs Brewing
  • Nordic Wellness Drinks

The overall winner was Crumbs Brewing.

Morgan Ansell, Co Founder and Owner of Crumbs Brewing, says:
“Following on from the CREST22 Awards presentation and exhibition at the headquarters of the WWF UK, we are glad to say that, as well as positive media exposure and recognition, we now provide the WWF with our range of beers!”

The Surrey Hills brewery, Crumbs Brewing, uses unsold loaves of bread to make beer.
44% of bread made in the UK never gets eaten. That’s so shocking it inspired Morgan & Elaine Ansell to create Crumbs Brewing. Each beer is brewed using a different loaf, from their local bakery, Chalk Hills in Reigate, that way the style of beer reflects the character of the delicious bread that makes it.
Driven by a desire to do something positive to fight the growing problem of food waste and create a unique brand they have worked with the bakery who formerly would at best give the bread to a local farmer as animal feed, while, worse still, some wholesale customers were disposing of loaves in black bags as waste.
Armed with some experience of the industry and a passion for the world of beer Crumbs Brewing tapped into a number of experts to develop a range of four beers, from a light and zesty Sourdough Pale Ale to a dark and delicious Rye Coffee Porter.
Since launching, they have consistently grown turnover by 50%+ every year and saved over 30,000 loaves from waste. As well as a strong footprint amongst local Surrey independents they sell their beers nationally via Waitrose, John Lewis and Southern Coop, the Exclusive Group and National Trust.

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