Calling All Kids: Sustain-A-Billy needs your art to save the world!


It’s the summer holidays! One of the best times of year when you’re little, and perhaps one of the more stressful times when you’re a parent. Yes, it’s great getting to spend quality time with the kids, but there are only so many episodes of Hey Duggee, games of Pokemon and K-Pop medleys one can go through before things get a little stale.

So, what’s to be done? Why not get the little ones involved in making some art? Or perhaps learning about the environment and sustainability? Or even both at the same time?!

Impossible you say? Not so, thanks to CREST’s Sustain-A-Billy Art Competition!

Sustain-A-Billy is calling all kids to help him save the planet with their fantastic art, celebrating all the things we can do to help the environment. From recycling litter to building solar panels, enjoying locally grown food to riding a bike to school, whatever you can think of we’d love to see how your wee ones can help Sustain-A-Billy in his quest to make the world a cleaner, greener place.

That’s not all either. This is an art competition after all and that means prizes! The top entries will win a limited edition Sustain-A-Billy T-shirt, while our top G.O.A.T. will get to be a part of environmental history, with a chance to plant a specially dedicated tree at Clandon Wood Nature Reserve!

Entries should be photographed and sent to

So don’t delay, entries close on 15 September, time to get out the paintbrushes, modelling clay, collage materials or laser light projectors and help your kids show Sustain-A-Billy what sustainability is all about!