CREST21 Awards embraces innovation

  • CREST21 Business Awards is embracing leading sustainable innovations in events to present Surrey’s first sustainable business awards
  • Thanks to the Media Sponsorship of Mayer Brown Ltd, it is working with video production company DreamingFish to create a cutting-edge template expected to be the future of sustainable events
  • Free to enter CREST21 Awards will be highlighting the region’s sustainable business heroes.

CREST21 Business Awards, in common with enterprises around the world, has had to be agile and creative in order to make Surrey’s first sustainable business awards a reality despite the pandemic.

Originally due to go live as a gala event from the WWF head office in Woking in November last year, it will now be a hybrid experience, live streamed on 20 May from the WWF, reaching out to an even larger audience than ever.

Dreaming fish team

Thanks to the Media Sponsorship of Mayer Brown Ltd, it is able to use the expertise of video production company DreamingFish that is creating a cutting-edge template the future of sustainable events.

Phil Miller, Founder & CEO of DreamingFish Productions, says: “Events will be hybrid going forwards. The fact is, the industry has been moving that way slowly anyway but the pandemic has accelerated the acceptance of virtual events.”

Andrea Hughes, Mayer Brown Ltd Associate Environmental Consultant, said: “Mayer Brown Ltd is pleased to be sponsoring the media package for the CREST21 Awards, enabling the awards to go ahead in the new hybrid format, reaching even more people while also reducing the carbon footprint of event. It’s a privilege to be part of such a crucial element as interactions of this type have kept so many businesses going through lockdown. At Mayer Brown Ltd, our IT support Unigold 2000 Ltd, were able to have our staff working remotely from home in a matter of hours, so that hybrid meetings and then chats and quizzes could very quickly become the norm. This undoubtedly helped staff to adjust in these unprecedented times”.

“Whilst most business philosophies accept that adaptation is the key to success, it is important that CREST21 is providing us with an opportunity to stop and acknowledge the media based ingenuity that is helping us through this crisis”.