Case Studies

My Experience with Solar Energy and Tesla Powerwall: A Year in Review

The idea of harnessing the sun's power to run a home was too enticing to ignore. After a lot of researching and planning, we finally decided to install a solar energy system and complement it...
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Pep Kelly, Nordic Wellness Co Founder and Director speaks about winning the Going Circular category in CREST22 Business Awards

It means much more than we imagined and really acted as a reminder to us, of the importance of sustainability is to us and our customers and how it was at the centre of our...
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Samir Maha, Business Director, McLaren Applied, reflects on CREST Business Awards and their achievement

We’re proud to be headquartered in Woking and would like to thank CREST22 for bringing us closer to the local business community. It is inspiring to discover the wealth of ideas and sustainability initiatives on...
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